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Regulator Details.

III.   Pins and Washers for  Regulator  Lever (Fi

230).—Three of these are required, of various sizes, to be mac
to the drawing H. Centre for the lathe ; turn to gauge and polii
as at j. The washer is made from a piece of plate, by fir
drilling the hole, and afterwards turning the rim on a mandrel, ;
shewn at K. Then, the lever, bracket, valve spindle, and linl
are all fitted together; a broach or parallel rimer (Fig. 231), <
exact gauge passed through each set of holes to clear out tl
irregularities produced in drilling, the pins put into place, an

the split pins marked off------a groove being cut in the washer \

at L, to prevent turning and undue wear.

It is advisable to make all pins of steel that have to withstan
much wear, and their corresponding lever bosses, if of wrougl
iron or mild steel, should be case-hardened

IV.    Links for Regulator Lever (Fig. 232) are marke
on a piece of plate as at M, which has first been planed on a
four sides, then drilled, cut in two pieces, and bolted togethe
They are finished off by filing in the vice, though, if large, the
would be slotted round, or milled.    Polish with emery.

V.    Regulator Valve Spindle (Fig. 233).—Lay this o
its side, in V blocks, as at B; centre the ends, and scribe th
flats.    Then put in lathe and turn to exact diameter, at the sam
time cutting the screw.    Remove, and tool the flats in a shapin
machine.    Now mark off the eye, as at c, and punch the centra
drill the hole to gauge, and take off the outer material with vertia
milling cutter fitting the curve a.    Finish off in vice and polish.

VI.    Nut for Valve Spindle (Fig. 234).—Lay on tabi<
and line out for thickness, as at B ; plane or shape the flats; maii
off the hole, as at c; and, placing the nut in a concentric chudj
bore and screw in the lathe as at D, so as to fit the valve spind^
easily.                                                                                     j

VII.    Regulator Valve (Fig. 235).—After cleaning witj
rough file to remove fins, this has only to be machined on certaij
surfaces, as shewn by thick dotted lines on the drawing A.    M
the face must be reasonably true with the lugs, first find centre d
the latter, as at B, and square a line from the back surface a <j
having previously blocked the hole with a piece of hard wood
do this for both lugs.    To produce this centre line on to thj